Variety is the spice of (life) surface pattern design

Variety is the spice of (life) surface pattern design


We all bring different skills to our art practice and whilst I am currently wearing my surface design pants, I have also dabbled in a number of other areas, including fibre arts. It is through the experimentation of mediums that we can bring an extra dimension to our work and I am not adverse to having a hands on (in contrast to a digital on) work day which involves painting, drawing, sewing and on some occasions burning! I discovered Tyvek 12 years ago and have used this amazingly versatile medium in some of my art pieces. It was after an introduction to Kate Oszuko from Practical Publishing through the inimitable Janet de Boer, that I was given the opportunity to submit a project for publication in the ‘Down Under Textiles’ Magazine. I am so happy to say that my project has been beautifully portrayed in the magazine and it also made the front cover! Issue 26 2016 is now in Australian newsagents.

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