Pattern Pulse Begins

Pattern Pulse Begins


Sometimes you just have to do stuff right?
I have been sitting on the idea of writing this blog for 2 years.. and it wasn’t until today that I felt I could put my ideas out there.
Why? Because I was brave enough to tell someone about it who has a pretty good idea about the Surface design industry and she said ‘why not?’

So here goes…

(drum roll)
Welcome to PATTERN PULSE!!!
Pattern Pulse is a meeting place for Australian Surface Designers. It is a place to find emerging Australian surface design talent. A place to share anything to do with the world of pattern design. Topics that will be discussed on this forum will be how to start out on your journey of being a surface designer, techniques, tips and tricks of the trade, leads, representation, manufacturing, industry news, workshops and education. The list is a long one and it will be ever growing.

This is a site where you can be listed as a surface pattern designer -another place for the world to find out about you and what you do, what experience you have and what markets you want to get into. A place where you can reach out to other designers for their advice. Where you can read interviews about people already doing this thing and making a living from it! (I can only dream!)

I want to share my story of establishing myself as a surface designer. How I am going about it and what wonderful adventures I am having along the way.

I would like to hear about your adventures too.

So there…..I have started!

Yours in design


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